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Mohegan clips are made with two to three specialty feathers. 
These extra long silky smooth feathers will instantly rock your hairstyle.
Changing the placement of the Mohegan clip changes the feel and look to suit any occasion.
The length varies between 20 and 30cm.
Be on trend without the commitment of extensions.
  • Details

    Mohegans are available in 4 different color schemes:

    Ray of Gold
    Blue Navajo
    Siberian Tiger
    Pheasant Island

    Because Mother Nature has a wide imagination, please be aware that each Mohegan clip is slightly different.
    The pictures represent the style and basic color, each piece is naturally one of a kind.

    The Mohegan clips can be secured in your hair by a salon grade clip that can easily be hidden under different parts of your hair to accommodate different hairstyles and hair lengths.

    The clips come in a standard Black.
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