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Micro beads

Micro beads

Silicone lined micro beads are gentle on your hair. No heat is required for attachment. 
They can easily be installed and un-installed in seconds with no damage to your hair or feathers.

Size: 5mm x 3mm

price is per bead
  • Details

    Silicone-lined micro beads are fabricated with a aluminum metal. The interior of the ring is gentle on the hair with its protective, cushioned silicone lining. Allowing you to install them flat to the head for maximum comfort, and allowing them to remain undetectable.

    It holds in the hair very tightly after pinched and it will not slide out.

    Micro beads are available in 5 colors:
    Dark Blonde
    Light Brown
    Dark Brown

    Choose a bead that matches your hair color.
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