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Feather extensions



How do I install feather extensions?

Installing your feather extensions is very easy. (no hairdresser needed).

Every feather extension order comes with 2 complimentary micro-beads, a threading tool and a 'how to' guide. Check out the                 page for step by step instructions.

Don't think you can manage?

Not to worry, every feather extension is available on a hair clip as well.

How long do feather extensions last?
1-4 months depending on care. The bond will grow out with time, it is ideal to re-attach your feathers every six weeks using the extra micro-beads included in your order. You can always purchase new micro-beads on our website. The feathers are 100% reusable and can be used over and over again!



Can I treat my feathers like my own hair?
Yes, feather extensions can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened and curled (up to 450F).

Just be gentle when brushing at the root, don't brush over the micro-bead.

Feather extensions are attached with silicon lined micro beads and won't damage your hair.


If you dye your hair with feathers in we suggest wrapping them in foil or removing them a replacing them afterward.

Always remember to treat your feathers with love, they are not your real hair and need to be treated a little extra carefully. Lastly, if you have a ponytail, be careful when removing it. The extensions are susceptible to damage.

How do I remove the extension?
It is very simple to remove the bead, all you need to do is take a pair of plyers and open the bead in the opposite way it was flattened onto the hair.

We do not recommend re-using the bead as it can become weak.

You may notice a few strands of hair coming out with the bead, this is very normal. It is your natural shedding that has not been able to fall as it has been trapped in the bead.


General questions


How do I place an order?

Ordering on is simple. ​

Shop by browsing through our product pages. Click on the image to access the item’s individual page. Here you will find all the product information.

If you would like to purchase the product, click ‘ADD TO CART’.

You can review the products in your shopping bag by clicking on the shopping cart icon. If you would like to delete an item click ‘remove’ and your shopping bag will be updated.
To carry on shopping click ‘continue shopping’ and you will be taken back into the store.
Once you are done shopping click ‘checkout’ and follow the on screen instructions.
Once you have completed your order you will receive an email acknowledging the exact details of your order and delivery.


What forms of payment do you accept?

La Vida Romana accepts payments with PAYPAL or Bank transfer. Please note that you can pay with any major creditcard using PAYPAL even if you do not have a PAYPAL account.



Do you ship internationally?

Yes! La Vida Romana ships worldwide. Shipping costs are specified with your order depending on size, weight and location.

Do you make custom orders?

We do! If you have any special requests, please feel free to shoot us a mail stating your request and we'll make it possible:




Why doesn't my piece look exactly like my friends'?
Many of our pieces are hand made and one of a kind, so there will be slight differences between each piece, which is what makes your accessory unique.

Can I get info in Dutch?
Ja! Indien u vragen heeft en meer info in het Nederlands wenst te ontvangen kunt u contact met ons opnemen.

How do I become a La Vida Romana stockist?
If you would like to become a La Vida Romana stockist please send us an email
with your enquiry and info, we'll get back to you asap!


Did we provide you with a password? Go to our wholesalepage

Care instructions

Storing your jewellery properly is important. To avoid damage, keep your jewellery in separate pouches, and fasten all chains and catches before storing flat. Each piece of La Vida Romana jewelry is hand-crafted, often with rare and/or unique beads and components and requires delicate handling. Avoid undue moisture and should your item get wet, make sure to dry it off. Certain metals and plating (specifically gold-plated) can tarnish over time when exposed to chemicals, such as pool and sea water, hair spray, perfume and lotions. It's recommended to put your jewelry on last to minimize the contact with these chemicals.

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